A Community-Wide Public Health Literacy Initiative to Improve the Health and Wellness of Hampton Roads' Citizens and the Economic Prosperity of Our Region

Bridging the Gap

This multi-stakeholder, integrated, community-based program bridges the work site, home, and community, connecting 757 citizens through an interactive digital health platform that provides a vehicle for increasing awareness, communication, education, engagement, and behavior change.

Our goal is simple: To improve the health of our citizens and the economic prosperity of our region.

A New Model

The goal is to create a new model for improving health literacy that will enhance the health of our citizens, improve workforce productivity, and establish the 757 as a rising hub of healthcare innovation.


Community Access

Through the support of corporate sponsors, partners, and philanthropists, Rewards for Health Living is available to everyone in the region free of charge.

The HEALTHIER757 Initiative Includes:

Regional program managers will work with sponsors, community organizations, and other stakeholders to promote and drive awareness of Rewards for Healthy Living, enhance existing programs, and provide incentives. Local universities will play a key role serving as strategic outreach partners, providing valuable educational content, and contributing academic research expertise. Program funding will also be allocated to support research and data analytics to measure outcomes and demonstrate the effectiveness of the program.

EdLogics’ gamified health education & digital communications platform is now available to the citizens of 757 via rewardsforhealthyliving.com.

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Global Action Platform is the leading university-business alliance working to advance scalable, sustainable solutions for abundant food, health, and prosperity. As a neutral 501c3 convener and NGO (non-government organization), Global Action Platform designs and leads collective impact projects with the promise of large-scale impact.

Global Action Platform identified EdLogics as a leading organization dedicated to improving health literacy and has established a strategic relationship to deliver innovative community-based digital solutions to improve the health of communities around the nation. The Global Action Platform will serve as the backbone and trusted convener of key stakeholders involved in the Healthier757 initiative. EdLogics will leverage its experience and technology resources to deliver an interactive digital platform that will bridge the worksite, home, and community and provide a vehicle for increasing consumer engagement, education, and behavior change.

Healthier757 is excited to partner with the following organizations: